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I'm Naomi! I'm 17 & from New York You can call me Gingy



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Marry someone who cuts your sandwiches diagonally

I'm not straight and I don't give a fuck if people use the word faggot. It's all about context people, everybody needs to just lighten up a wee bit. There are more important things in the world than the light-hearted use of supposedly derogatory words :)))))
- Anonymous

THANK YOU fellow member of the common sense committee. People like you keep me happy 😁🍻

Ok guys here’s the deal if you don’t want me to call you nigga tell me and I won’t but I’m not gonna stop using the word entirely.
I’ve been getting anons for days for saying something that I didn’t even think anyone would get upset over because where I’m from no one does
I’m tired of getting harassed over bullshit
If you don’t like me block me stop messaging me about it its over now

using the word "nigga" or "nigger" is the same as using the word "faggot" against gay people. it doesn't matter in what sense you're saying it in. i like your blog and all but pls be more respectful this is really aggravating especially since you're answering theses other messages like they have no point. it's degrading that you're saying this
- Anonymous

Lol I didn’t even answer them so reread them and realize who did bcuz this message is pointless cya

I love your blog a lot but I don't think using nigga/er is acceptable to use around anyone you don't know closely. A lot of people find it insensitive/rude to use. You don't use in a negative way but it's easily taken badly. I don't want you reported
- Anonymous

Sorry if she offended you my nigga.

- Max, half black american 💪

LOL just because your black friends don't care if you use the n-word doesn't mean it's okay by all black people. For all you know, they're just pretending to be okay with it because they deal with racism all fucking day and don't want to argue with you. Try that shit in Compton or Oakland sometime and see what happens (please don't. They experience enough racism already). Your right to use slang somehow is more important than perpetuating racist language? Fuck that.
- Anonymous

Blah blah whatever. Im not racist and I’m not sorry.

Just because you have the legal right to do something doesn't mean you have the moral right. If you're not black, you shouldn't saying the n-word. Especially in the wake of Trayvon Martin & Mike Brown, it's obvious that racism is still alive and well in this country/in the world in general. That word has been used to dehumanize and oppress black people for decades. It's been spat at them as they were attacked and murdered, then spit again at their grieving families. You have no right to use it.
- Anonymous

I get what you’re saying but every race in NY uses the word freely to greet friends; Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc. I don’t think race has anything to do with use of the word anymore seeing as though all of my hoods population uses it on a daily basis with no consequence. For you to be blowing up someone’s tumblr on anon for using the n word in a none racist way shows how desperate you are to make someone else look bad. The word has nothing to do with bullshit cops killing our people, our people use it against our people in a content manner. You don’t have the right to sit here and even compare the two situations. If you feel that strongly, ban your own use of the word, petition against those who’ve done true injustice toward our black people, and take your mind off of being offended. For Christ sake you’re probably like 13 and I know your ancestors aren’t pissing about how EVERYONE uses the word nigga. Literally I’ve met people of all races who use the word freely even with “black” people. I think the words definition should be redefined to mean homie. But this is going on to long, just grow up.

- Max, halfblack american😁

do you think having a black boyfriend gives you the right to say the word nigga
- Anonymous

I think the first amendment does




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hey i’m kate and i really like your face ;)

 ☆ mermaids are real ☆
ily and respect you that is all ok bye
- Anonymous